Best Friends

My theory is life would really suck without a best friend.  My best friend when I was in Kindergarten was Marla.  She rocked.  She was brave and funny.  I was shy and timid.  She made my whole school experience a lot less scary.  My best friend in high school was a tom boy whose nickname was “Bob”.  She was awesome and outgoing.  We had many adventures together.  We grew apart but still remain friends.  Never move in with your best friend.  It is a great way to kill a friendship. 

My best friend now is an amazing woman who gets me.  I can be me.  I can say something stupid, and she knows what I meant to say.  I can go two weeks without talking to her and she does not think I am mad at her and don’t love her anymore.  I can cry, laugh, whine, pray, complain to, and lean on her.  Not having that?  I can’t imagine.

I have a wonderful circle of friends.  Awesome friends that help make my life rich and full.  I cherish them with all of my heart.  That is a gift from God.  That is a part of my life that helps make it rich and full. 

I do know that some friendships are for a season, and some are for a lifetime.  I am thankful for every one of them.  They helped make me who I am today.  I like that. 

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Long Journey’s

This past nine months I have lost 65 pounds.  It feels amazing.  I feel like me again.  Which is strange really.  I have always been me.  I have just had this shell of fat over me that I hid in.  I am more comfortable in my own skin now.  I don’t worry about sitting in smaller chairs, or squeezing in between friends in the kitchen, things like that.  Letting go of those fears has brought me out more. Out of my shell.  I hating looking at myself in the mirror, so I tried to never have the attention on me because I did not want others to see what I saw.  It sounds silly now that I type it, but it was very real to me.  

This journey of weight loss has really been about so much more than weight.  It is about choices, sticking to those choices, discovering why I do the things I do.  It has been one interesting journey, one I am very thankful for.   Before I started losing weight, I prayed, cried, wished with all my heart that the weight would just be gone.  I pleaded with God to take it away, telling Him I could not do it myself.  It was just to hard for me.  Then one day a light bulb went on in my head.  I could do it, I want to do it, and I will do it.  I am not doing it alone, God is my strength, my husband has been so supportive as well as my friends.  I have learned not to settle for good enough in my life anymore.  My weight right now?  I am happy where I am, I feel comfortable in my skin.  But I have more to go, it is not good enough.  I want to actually feel sexy for my hubby.  Never in my life have I felt that way, no matter how many times he tells me I am already.  I know when I am done my journey, I will have hanging skin, and those stretch marks will still be there.  However, if I have all my big lumps and bumps gone, that will be a wonderful day.  I will feel sexy that day.  Stretch marks and all.



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My poor baby girl has a earache.  (okay, she is eight, not really a baby, but she is still my baby)  I hate it when my kids are in pain.  It just makes my stomach turn inside out to see them so uncomfortable.  I want them healthy and happy.  Recently a little girl in my son’s class got diagnosed with leukemia.  A parents worst nightmare.  I can not even begin to imagine the heartbreak involved in wondering every day if your precious little child will live or die this day.  Her parents are so strong, and handling everything so well.  I would be a big blubbering mess.  I think it just shows really how much God does give you the strength to handle each situation as it comes.  Not that it is always easy, but manageable.  Earaches, tummy aches, and everyday problems just seem so small when you think about this poor little girl fighting for her life.  So instead of thinking this morning of how sick kids are turning my day upside down today, I will smooch them, and be thankful I have them to hold.  Perspective is a powerful thing.

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Dumb things to do on a Saturday…

Going to Costco is never a good idea on a Saturday. I LOVE Costco, but I hate it on Saturday’s.  It is like every crazy person in the city goes to Costco on Saturday’s.  Not only that, but they bring their crazy kids too.  Loud crazy kids.  But today, I had to do it.  I had to go, and take my kids.  I know, I am just asking for trouble.  I handled it okay though.  I prepared myself for the chaos, took a deep breath and did it.  A snotty little kid stole the last free snack from my son.  A lady stood in the MIDDLE of the main isle and decided to chat with a friend for 20 minutes while everyone had to squeeze and push around her.  Why did I not lose it and turn crazy like all the other crazies you may ask?  Because I knew what I was in for.  It is amazing what a little planning ahead can do.  I did not get angry, or want to run out screaming.  I guess that is a life lesson.  Plan ahead, take a deep breath, don’t let the crazies make you like them, and most importantly, NEVER go to Costco on a Saturday. 

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We’ve only just begun

Well, here I am.  I have started about ten blogs, and never stick to them.  Seems to be the story of my life.  Starting something and never seeing it through.  Big ideas, great ideas.  Then it fizzles out to be not worth the time and energy.  I don’t want to do that anymore.

I have started to change, so I am pretty sure I can do this.  My life in this past year has changed for the better.  Me deciding to do something and sticking to it.  I want to document my feelings, prayers, funny stories so I can look back and remember where I have come from, and see where I want to go.

 Here we go…..

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