I love my kids.  They drive me bonkers sometimes, but they mean the world to me.  They are so smart and funny and have a lifetime of adventures awaiting them.  I sometimes feel so much pressure to make sure that they are well rounded, non jaded human beings.  I don't want my daughter to struggle with weight issues like I have most of my life.  I am not sure how to make sure that does not happen.  I never talk about my weight in front of her, and I always tell her how beautiful she is.  I just don't even want her to think about weight.  I just want her to be healthy, and she is.  She is getting more beautiful everyday. 

 I have been having so much fun with the kids these last few years, that I have been dreading the teenage years when Mom and Dad are not so much fun anymore.  I just pray we develop such a good relationship now, that when the teenage years hit, we still can have fun together.  I am looking forward to going on fun adventures with the kids.  Now that I am getting healthier I am looking forward to hiking in the mountains with them, and doing more outdoorsy stuff.  My son wants to sky dive though.  I am not that adventurous. 

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My poor baby girl has a earache.  (okay, she is eight, not really a baby, but she is still my baby)  I hate it when my kids are in pain.  It just makes my stomach turn inside out to see them so uncomfortable.  I want them healthy and happy.  Recently a little girl in my son’s class got diagnosed with leukemia.  A parents worst nightmare.  I can not even begin to imagine the heartbreak involved in wondering every day if your precious little child will live or die this day.  Her parents are so strong, and handling everything so well.  I would be a big blubbering mess.  I think it just shows really how much God does give you the strength to handle each situation as it comes.  Not that it is always easy, but manageable.  Earaches, tummy aches, and everyday problems just seem so small when you think about this poor little girl fighting for her life.  So instead of thinking this morning of how sick kids are turning my day upside down today, I will smooch them, and be thankful I have them to hold.  Perspective is a powerful thing.

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