Where did the summer go?

My oh my, the summer did fly. Although, the weather is still quite summery for us Canadians, so I will not complain about that! September is here already, and school has begun. Getting back into the routine of things was a bit of a challenge, but I am almost enjoying it. I am not really enjoying letting my baby go off to Kindergarten, but I guess that is part of life, letting go. (insert big sigh here)

The thing I am excited about is getting into a routine of not eating out on a whim, or eating at my parents on a whim. I am down 96 pounds now. Not as much as I would have liked to lose this summer, but you will not hear me complain about losing 96 pounds. When I am at home in my perfect bubble I have self control. I go out, or over to someone’s house, and *poof* what diet? I am working on it, and getting better, slowly I might add. It has been a good challenge for me, because real life does not involve staying in a bubble all the time. I don’t think that would be much fun either.

Four more pounds to go…wish me luck.

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