I love my kids.  They drive me bonkers sometimes, but they mean the world to me.  They are so smart and funny and have a lifetime of adventures awaiting them.  I sometimes feel so much pressure to make sure that they are well rounded, non jaded human beings.  I don't want my daughter to struggle with weight issues like I have most of my life.  I am not sure how to make sure that does not happen.  I never talk about my weight in front of her, and I always tell her how beautiful she is.  I just don't even want her to think about weight.  I just want her to be healthy, and she is.  She is getting more beautiful everyday. 

 I have been having so much fun with the kids these last few years, that I have been dreading the teenage years when Mom and Dad are not so much fun anymore.  I just pray we develop such a good relationship now, that when the teenage years hit, we still can have fun together.  I am looking forward to going on fun adventures with the kids.  Now that I am getting healthier I am looking forward to hiking in the mountains with them, and doing more outdoorsy stuff.  My son wants to sky dive though.  I am not that adventurous. 

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