I love my family. They are somewhat crazy. But good crazy. Life would really be boring without them. My parents came up to visit for a week. I am thirty one years old and I adore my parents. I love them and appreciate them now more that I ever have in my life. My parents are so supportive and fun. I never ever imagined when I was a teenager that I would have fun hanging out with my parents. Now I look forward to it. My mom and I go on dates together, and shop together. I used to HATE shopping with my mother. She would make me try on horrible clothes that were itchy and full of static. It was pure torture. Now I torment her when she tries on some denim shirt with butterflies embroidered all over it. It is so. much. fun.

The best part about my parents is how much they adore my kids. Every kid needs grandparents like my parents. They will always snuggle, read or play.

I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am growing older. It is not to bad watching myself get older, but seeing my parents grow old, and my kids getting so big. I know that I will not have my parents forever. That is unimaginable to me right now. I just have to choose to enjoy each day, not worry about the future, and be thankful for every single minute I have with my family. Sounds like a plan to me. I am off to snuggle my son.

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