A Great day!

Okay, who on earth would think a morning in the grocery store would bring about such joy?  God does work in mysterious ways because it was a great morning shopping.  (and I even brought my five year old!)  So, I am trying to get in and get my groceries as quickly as possible so I don’t have to drive home in the blizzard that is just starting as I get to the store.  I get all my stuff, and I see the two crazy long line ups.  Okay, they have over 15 registers, and they have two cashiers?  Crazy.  So just as I am about to hit the end of one line, a new cashier waves me over to come to her.  Loved her right away.  So then, when I am paying she can’t read my signature on my credit card.  She asked me for my drivers license, so I hand it over.  Then, get this… she looks at it and says incredulously “this is you?” I wanted to hug her.  She did not recognize me with all the weight gone.  That brings such joy to my heart.  It also makes me happy because  almost every single person who has noticed my weight loss has been looking at me from behind when they notice.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard from behind me “WOW, you have lost weight!” It cracks me up, but really makes me wonder how extremely large my butt was to begin with. Well, whether from in front or behind, when someone compliments me, I will take it!

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