Dumb things to do on a Saturday…

Going to Costco is never a good idea on a Saturday. I LOVE Costco, but I hate it on Saturday’s.  It is like every crazy person in the city goes to Costco on Saturday’s.  Not only that, but they bring their crazy kids too.  Loud crazy kids.  But today, I had to do it.  I had to go, and take my kids.  I know, I am just asking for trouble.  I handled it okay though.  I prepared myself for the chaos, took a deep breath and did it.  A snotty little kid stole the last free snack from my son.  A lady stood in the MIDDLE of the main isle and decided to chat with a friend for 20 minutes while everyone had to squeeze and push around her.  Why did I not lose it and turn crazy like all the other crazies you may ask?  Because I knew what I was in for.  It is amazing what a little planning ahead can do.  I did not get angry, or want to run out screaming.  I guess that is a life lesson.  Plan ahead, take a deep breath, don’t let the crazies make you like them, and most importantly, NEVER go to Costco on a Saturday. 

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